Springer-Verlag and the price of math books

Sieve theory is one of the areas of number theory that I’ve long wanted to dive into.  I’m starting with George Greaves’s Sieves in Number Theory which I picked up at the wonderful Martin Luther King Library in San Jose.

This book was favorably reviewed on AMS.

I liked the introduction of the book so much, I was planning to purchase it and then I saw (on the day that I writing this blog entry: April 22, 2016), the price on Amazon which is $229.00 for new and $85.56 for used.  Wow.

There’s been lots of articles on the fact that math books are so expensive.  For example, this is a blog entry from well-known mathematician Tim Gowers.

Sometimes, professors post pdfs of their books on their home pages.  When I investigated, I found out that Professor George Greaves had died on 2008 at the age of 67.

It looks like a really impressive book!  I guess I’ll stick with my library edition.







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